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Top 8 Facts About the Famous Drinking Horns

Most people these days drink from a fancy stainless wine cup or a glass beer mug or champagne goblet bur have you ever tried drinking your alcohol from a drinking horn? Drinking horns are among the fanciest cups that you can ever drink your alcohol with. Yet the drinking horn is more than just a fancy cup for drinking alcohol because it actually has a rich history that you might want to know of. In this article, we will help you learn more about the rich history of drinking horns because we will providing you with eight things you might probably want to know of about it.

1. There are a lot of interesting facts that you need to know of about the drinking horn and one of them is that it was once used by ancient people in drinking fermented drinks like ale, wine and mead. These drinks have long been discovered before glass cups we even made so for their convenience in drinking, the ancient civilizations used drinking horns from animals.

2. What’s so interesting about drinking horns is that they used to be called as pride for herders and hunters because they came from the animals that the ancient people used to hunt and rear. With that it mind, it is quite evident that the drinking horn is not just any cup but a insignia of bravery and excellence in herding.

3. The drinking horn is also very rich in history because for over 3,000 years ago, it was used not only as a drinking vessel but a symbol of victory as well. With its rich history, the drinking horn is definitely something that is worth to be treasured forever.

4. The ancient civilizations that used to make drinking horns as cups for their drinks are the Greeks, Romans, Scandinavians and they are also a part of the history of the Thracians as well as the Scythians.

5. The ancient civilizations used to take drinking horns from buffalos, cows and ox. However, out of all these three, the buffalo drinking horns represent the greatest victory because buffalos were so hard to hunt back then.

6. When making the drinking horn, it is first boiled and when the bone marrow is already softened, it is later on scraped. The drinking horn can also be boiled again if the desired form is not yet met so that it will be used as an efficient drinking vessel.

7. The Viking horn is a special type of drinking horn but in this drinking vessel, you can still see the original form and shape of the animal’s horn.

8. Last but definitely not the least, the discovered drinking horns from the past civilizations are also clearly personalized as there are several engraved patterns found in it and various shapes as well.

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